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Fiber laser marking machine TR-F20MS

Fiber laser marking machine adopts the most advanced technology of the world, is called as The Third Generation Laser Marking Machine by industry in the world. Because it has features like the best optical mode; excellent quality of laser beam; long operating life; the highest electro-optical conversion efficiency; small size, reliable and without maintenance; suited for all metal and some kinds of non-metal marking. It has been loved by customer in lots of fields, as soon as it has been introduced to the market.…

Fiber laser marking machine TR-F20MSApplications: Applicable industries: the equipment is widely used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, tobacco, leather, packaging, building materials, lighting, accessories, cos
Metal Laser Cutting Machine TR-1390M

Metal and non-metal laser cutting machine is used specially for the cutting of metal and nonmetal materials. The mechanical structure is strong and stable, making the machine run at high precision and fast speed. The electrical ability is stable, no rocking during the work. All the designs are for better and stable cutting.…

Metal Laser Cutting Machine TR-1390MModel:TR-1390M Laser Power:130W/150W Working Area:1300×900mm(51.18"×35.43")
Acrylic laser cutting bed TR-1325

TR-1325 belt press machine adopts USA MODIAL belt to guarantee highstability and precision for cutting and engraving. the engraving and cutting speed and the precision is high.…

Acrylic laser cutting bed TR-1325This series Laser Cutting Bed is especially for laser cutting materials in large size, and suitable for cloth, leather, paper, wood, organic glass, plastics, compound material, etc
Professional Professional

TRIUMPHLASER has been established for 14 years,in the hands of this industry's most advanced technology, we have our own engineer team, and through many years development, triumphlaser have the most scientific and reasonable structure design and powerful features. Meanwhile,we also can develop new products based on market requirement, to meet customers' diversified demands.


In the production department,our professional quality inspector will strictly monitor every assembly link, and normally, each machine also must be carefully tested 48hours before delivery to ensure good operating performance.

Operation training
Operation training

We have our own operating instruction manual and operation video demonstration to offer guidance and directions for customers, for the guarantee of appropriate installation, operation and maintenance

After-sale service

Every salesman will receive the company's internal training on the professional knowledge of laser machine,so they can help you complete all puzzles, also can recommend the most suitable machine model according to your requirements. For after-sale, we have professional engineer to help you solve any techinical problems.

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About Triumph laserSince 2003,Shenzhen triumph industrial co.,LTD has been as trading company.In 2007,we absorbed hi-tech talents and input huge funds for laser research.
        From then we started to manufacture laser machines which range covers:DP Semiconductor Side-pumped Laser Marking Machine series, YAG Metal Laser Marking Machine series,CO2 Non-metal High-speed Laser Marking Machine series, FM Fiber Laser Marking Machine series, , CO2 Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine series for trademark, High Precision Screw Laser Cutting Machine series for touch screen, CO2 Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine series for organic glass, CCD Full-automatic Positioning Cutting Machine series, CO2 Double-end High-speed Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine series, CO2 Single-end High-speed Laser ……
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